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A diving experience in Mahahual in the Mexican Caribbean

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Meet Mahahual

Mahahual is a small town of fishers close to the Belice´s border, 280 km far to the south from Playa del Carmen (México). It´s part of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. A natural paradise for divers, in the second largest coral reef of the world. 


Mahahual has more than 60 km of virgin coral reefs full of labyrinth where natural life growns. Mahahual's ocean it's known because of its calm, great vision and scenarios beyond your imagination, with marine species such as turtles, rays, sharks, dolphins, manaties and many more!

Rules for a safe dive


You don´t need a dive international certification to dive with us.

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Before an immersion


  • Dive always with a guide (divemaster and beyond).
  • Max 4 divers per guide.
  • Required to use full dive equipment.
  • No diving if you´re pregnant
  • Do security and emergency practice to check out the equipment and your skills.
  • Do not dive if you have the flu, sinusitis, rhinitis or open wounds.
  • Do not dive if you´re under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs or tranquilizers.
  • Avoid diving with wild sea.
  • Check if your dive equipment is in perfect conditions.

During an immersion


  • Your partner must be one meter-inch of distance and have always visual contact.
  • Control your deep and time immersion.
  • Don´t hold your breathe during the dive with tanks. Breathe slowly, deep and continuous.
  • Don´t hesitate and avoid heavy exercise during (an after) an immersion.
  • Avoid touching the fauna.
  • Rise to a maximum speed of 18m/60ft per minute and do a security stop at 5m/15ft during 3 minutes.

Diving Experience in Mahahual and Banco Chinchorro


Your security is our first concern. Diving is open to both people who want to have their first experience, as well as recreational divers from Open Water Diver level (or equivalent entry levels) and we are here to make you feel safe and comfortable.

First of all, short-term divers can access several barrier reef sites near this small village. These are easy reef dives. Second and much more famous, Mahahual is the main jumping-off point for Banco Chinchorro, place of some of the best diving in the Northern Hemisphere.

This Biosphere Reserve is home to easy drifts, colorful reefs and fascinating shipwrecks. All of these sites have excellent visibility and warm waters, but some are more dificult than others.


Advanced divers can head to the eastern side of the atoll, where heavy surf makes diving difficult or, as is the case with several shipwrecks in the area.


We work with extreme caution and safety standards accepted around the world. Our guides and our approach will make you enjoy diving to the fullest. To dive with us in Banco Chinchorro, you must have an international diving certification.


 When to travel?


Diving in the Caribbean and from Mahahual is possible throughout the year. However, May through November features the best underwater conditions, including impressive visibility. Just keep an eye on the forecast during the summer and early fall.

In these seasons are occasional hurricanes. When there is no hurricane, the weather during the summer is hot and humid with the occasional rain. As an added bonus, the summer months are low season throughout Mexico. At this time, you will find the best diving and accommodation offers. If you like uncrowded and Caribbean dive sites, May and September are the best time to dive from Mahahual.


There is no bad time to dive from Mahahual. In fact, the water temperatures remain constant throughout the year and cool only slightly during the winter months. December to April is considered the best time to visit Mexico and is therefore the most popular time to dive in Mahahual.

If you enjoy a good balance between higher temperatures and a better variety of pelagic species, the winter months are the best time to dive Banco Chinchorro. Because the winter months are high season, you should make sure you book as early as possible to guarantee the best rate. On average, water temperatures range between 78 and 82ºF (25 and 28ºC) at Banco Chinchorro.

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What includes?

Diving Experience in Mahahual
All Inclusive


Full Scuba Equipment

Long Dives (45 minutes aprox.) except deep dives +21m/60 ft.



Guide / Instructor

Sodas and Water

Diving Packages in Mahahual

at the start of 2 people and beyond.

Best Diving Experience. GUARANTEED!

* Only certified divers

What are you going to see?

You´ll sure see many important marine species while diving in Mahahual.

Healthy reefs and the atoll are home to a variety of tropical species. You will be able to observe lobsters, groupers, rays, sergeants majors and hundreds of colorful fish.

French Angelfish and Queen Angelfish are among the many fish you will see. Nurse sharks relax in the tunnels and caverns, and barracudas stalk their prey in and out of the colorful coral. Loggerhead, green, and hawksbill turtles are frequently seen in the area, and groupers live among the reefs.

As a real treat, you can also have the opportunity to snorkel with crocodiles and American manatees in the shallow waters of Banco Chinchorro.

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